The New England Holocaust Memorial

Paying tribute to the six million killed, honoring our survivors, inspiring justice.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn how you can get involved in volunteering with the memorial and Holocaust remembrance programs in Boston.

About The Memorial

Founded by Holocaust survivor Stephan Ross (of blessed memory), the memorial is designed to inspire remembrance, reflection, and hope. A beacon of light to fight darkness, these luminous spires stand more than 50 feet high, engraved with numbers representing the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust.

Visiting the Memorial

We welcome all visitors whether you’re on your own, scheduling a guided tour, or arranging a school trip. The New England Holocaust Memorial is an outdoor space, open 24/7.

“We must look at these towers of memory and say to ourselves, no one should ever deprive a human being of his or her right to dignity. We cannot give evil another chance.”

In Partnership Together

About CJP

Combined Jewish Philanthropies manages and maintains the New England Holocaust Memorial as a critical component of our mission to educate the public about the Holocaust. Together with our community partners, we are keeping alive the memory of the victims.

About JCRC

The Jewish Community Relations Council coordinates educational programming for the memorial, and advances the values and interests of the Jewish community in Greater Boston.

Your support is appreciated

Learn how you can support the memorial’s efforts to educate the community.