Supporting the Memorial

Donating to the Memorial

Financial gifts are always welcome and gratefully received.

Financial gifts are always welcome and gratefully received.

To discuss your personal interest in the Memorial, please contact us directly.

Where the money goes

The New England Holocaust Memorial is a resource for reflecting on and studying the Holocaust, genocide awareness, and other issues of discrimination and intolerance.

Your contributions make possible activities that encourage the use of the Memorial by young people and the broader community, including:

  • Educational and interpretive assistance for groups and individuals planning visits
  • Speaker and guide training
  • Customized resources to assist those wishing to use the Memorial as a tool to present their own programs

Volunteering opportunities

We appreciate your support. Please visit our volunteering page to learn more about how you can raise awareness of the Holocaust and the Memorial.

Your support is appreciated

Learn how you can support the memorial’s efforts to educate the community.